Every moment is an opportunity to make a new decision, a new choice that stands for what you want.

You don’t need to wait for January 1st, or the beginning of a new month or quarter to make a powerful decision to step into a new way of being that changes everything for you.

It’s simply a momentary choice. 

To reset.

You get to let go of the past and whatever relationship to it you have…

Whether you’re having a shitty month and not making any money (…yet), 

Perhaps a client is acting out of fear and backed out of a contract (let’s get real, it happens), 

you just got some serious news,

Fighting with someone you care about…

Whatever it is…

You get to choose.

More than anything, you get to choose a new way of BEING that supports you in getting all that you want and more. 

If you’ve been frustrated, you can choose peace.

If you’ve been in overwhelm, choose clarity.

Angry? Choose joy…

Victim?? (blaming others, poor me, they’re screwing me, life sucks…etc)

Choose Empowered and 100% responsible for it all…

If there’s one thing I’ve really taken on since I’ve stepped into transformational Leadership, it’s making a conscious choice in any given moment of who I want to be.

You see,

Most people walk around completely unaware of who they are being or how they are being and the impact their being-ness has on other people.

Every choice you make has an impact on someone else in your life. 

Whether it’s someone on your team, a family member, whomever, 

someone is being impacted. 

Even if it’s as simple as who you are showing up as in the moment.

You get to choose to be a victim to your life, 


The Source, Generator and Creator of your life…

Victims never create results.
They complain and blame.

They never take ownership of what’s happening “to” them and therefore their life never changes.

Rockstar, even if you’ve been this person in your past, or perhaps even as of late…

You get to shift!

And when you do, your life will change.

People will be attracted to you and want to do business with you…

You will have spontaneous miracles that just come “out of nowhere’….

The reality is, it will all be YOU…

You will be SOURCING those daily miracles and whatever form they come in (sales, people, connections, promotions, abundance appearing in your life, etc.)…

Choose to see those miracles around you, no matter how small they are and more will appear.

Scott and I are creating miracles in our life and I’m choosing to see it that way.

✅  We are creating miracles in our health.
✅  Miracles with our clients and what they’re creating…
✅  Miracles in us buying 3 properties at the same time…
✅  Miracle encounters with human beings whose lives we get to impact and more…

What miracles are you sourcing today?

What new decision are you making and committing to that can change it all for you??

You are only one decision away from changing your life…


Rockstar, I am choosing to take a stand for you…

(More on that later) 

Love you to the moon and back,




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