I’m a firm believer that God never puts anything on your plate that you have the inability to come out the other side stronger and more empowered. 

Do you agree?

The truth is, we’ve all been there.
Navigating through what feels like a Category 5 hurricane, fearing “what’s next”?

Perhaps you can relate…

I know I have experienced the intensity of all the unknowns and uncertainty in our life right now…

✔️ Navigating the complexities of Scott’s healing from cancer
✔️ Being forced out of our home next week so the owners can move in (temporary rental to ride out the winter)
✔️ Moving back into our RV
✔️ In the middle of purchasing 3 pieces of property right now…
✔️ Closing on our new home April 30th
✔️ Buying the property next door to our new home
✔️ Buying 30 acres on a mountain top to build our dream home and retreat center.
✔️ Planning a major renovation project on our new home.
✔️ Running Transformational events to support our clients in up-leveling their lives through NLP, Hypnosis and Timeline Therapy.
✔️All this is just a sliver of our life right now…😰

AND, while there’s no denying it feels like we have multiple spinning plates…

The opportunity to come out the other side of it stronger, healthier, empowered and connected to one another and our mission is real.

Scott and I believe that we are the Source, Generator and Creator of everything in our life. 

We are not victims of events in our life, but rather, author’s of the book.

We CHOSE it! 💯

You may be wondering what I mean.
Let me explain…

We may not have chosen something as significant as him manifesting cancer in his body consciously

Nobody would do that.

We do believe “we” chose it for some higher purpose unconsciously.

This is called being at CAUSE for our life.

By choosing to wear this frame, we become empowered, totally responsible for all we create, consciously or unconsciously in our lives.

Do we always remain at Cause? 

No, we definitely fall off. We’re human. We just get back on the train.

We will often ask ourselves… 

“For what purpose did we choose to create this”⁉️


“How did we Source this”⁉️ 

In other words, what’s the higher purpose here?!

Over the past 2 weeks, Scott and I spent over 65 hours training our clients on how to stop being victims of their life and how to step into an empowered life of their creation.

One that is free of the limitations of their past,
❌  “I can’t do X because Y happened to me in my past…”

Or, the limiting belief of,
❌ “I don’t believe I’m capable of building a successful 6 or 7 figure business.”

❌ “I’m not smart enough…”
❌ “Good enough…”
❌ “Worthy enough to do X…”




These limiting beliefs are held subconsciously (beneath all the layers of what is known to you) and determine our results in every area of our life.

The good news…⁉️
They can be released.
And replaced with empowering ones.

So you can be free to create a new reality…

Without the shackles of your past or the sandbags dragging you down as you attempt to run.

This is one of the things you will experience should you choose to join us in our next NLP Unleashed training.

These are some of our students after experiencing an incredible breakthrough. 

If only I had a “before” picture to show you the difference; they are now completely different people.

Tamy is a Health Coach and Colby, a Professional Golfer and passionate about bringing Solar Energy to the world.

They knew their next level was waiting…

Oh, one of my favorite parts of the NLP Unleashed training is teaching the Conscious Use of Language…

How to use language with intention to get to the root of what someone is really saying, shift their beliefs and get them to take action now.

This is powerful stuff!
(and only to be used in an ethical way because of its potency 💙)…

We also taught our clients how to identify someone’s buying strategy so you can know precisely how to sell them based on how they like to buy.


It’s incredible to see someone light up when you sell them the RIGHT way…

The way they personally respond to…

Sadly, most people sell someone how they want to be sold, and this only works for people who have the same buying strategy as you
(makes sense, right?)!

We all buy things differently and there is a specific technique we teach so you can quickly identify your potential buyers unique strategy and sell them accordingly.

When you make your offer, their face lights up, no joke!

As we are gearing up for our NLP Master Practitioner training we will be hosting live in Missoula Montana next month for our more advanced students…

I want to personally offer you the opportunity to connect and explore what the NLP Unleashed experience and learning NLP can do for you.

How it can massively up-level your business, sales, relationships, health and life…

Over 6 years ago, I committed to enroll myself into a powerful, transformative NLP Training that radically transformed my life…

Gave me the skills to coach my clients to the top 1% of their industry…
Showed me how to be a Master of Persuasion and Influence

And how to create a life by design…

With the skills to achieve whatever I want, whenever I want…

(I also met my now life partner, Scott in that training–“funny” how things work)…

If you’re ready to now explore the power of NLP Unleashed for you,

Book a 30 min call with one of us here…

To Your Unstoppable Success,




P.S. If you’ve been wanting to be trained in NLP and are ready to up-level every area of your life, now is your time.

We’ll be taking just a handful of calls next week with the move and all…

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