I know you have them.

We all do.

Life-defining moments that is…

What were yours??

Truth be told…
There have been a handful of key decisions you made in your life to either say, “yes” or say “no”.

And the decision you made, had a huge impact on your life.

Good or bad, right or wrong…
It led you down a specific path.

The impact of that decision was massive.

Maybe it was a decision to follow your heart and do something that others in your life didn’t agree with,

i.e. date or marry someone, follow a specific career path, take the job, decline the job, answer a call or a calling, take the trip…

What were those life-defining moments for you?

If you’re open, I will share one of mine that has led to my “official” announcement today…

Six years ago, I made a powerful decision that transformed my life.

It was 2015, and I no longer felt fulfilled in my career. New management came in and major changes were made 

What I once loved about my job, was no longer available to me…

Working 20-25 hrs/week.
Traveling the world 12-16 weeks a year.
Making multiple 6 figs a year.
Running my business like it was MY business…

Overnight that all changed (well, all but my income)…

The bottom line is “freedom” was my #1 core value and that value was no longer being met.

I knew I had to leave and that enough was enough. 

If I didn’t take action then, 

well…when would I

So I left the comfort and security of my job and ventured out on my own with no real plan but a vision

I realized that in order to coach people to create financial freedom and to reach a level of success beyond even their own expectations,

I needed to develop a set of distinct skills that provided a rapid change in others that truly transformed their lives.

Simply teaching the “steps to the sale” wasn’t good enough and it was the reason why 95% of people in that industry quit or were fired within the first 3 to 6 months. 

It’s why sales trainers never really succeeded at their job…

Success had nothing to do with the semantics of the sale.

It had to do with 1 thing and 1 thing only.

What was going on inside their mind

Were they holding onto past subconscious baggage of “I’m not good enough” or “worthy enough?” or “rich people are evil?” 

Did they consciously want to be successful but kept sabotaging their success at an unconscious level?

I knew that the ONLY way to create massive transformation in my future coaching clients was to teach them how to master their mind to get results

So what did I do?

I immediately enrolled into a world-class, immersive training and coaching certification program in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

This training and certification program completely changed my life and allowed me to help hundreds of clients go from the verge of termination to the top 1% and thousands of people have the biggest income-generating months of their careers.

It’s what made me the coach and trainer that I am today.

It was in that very NLP Training that I met Scott, almost 6 years ago.

So, to cut to the chase…

After much consideration and even a “death of self” identity crisis (no joke), 

Scott and I decided to merge our businesses and co-train NLP and Hypnosis to those seeking an up-level in every area of their life.

And then

We discovered Scott’s “healing opportunity” (cancer) and all came to a screeching halt while we

and began his healing journey.

Finally, we are ready to announce…

Drum roll…

“NLP Unleashed”!!!

NLP Unleashed will be an intimate, immersive experience with Scott and I will in the virtual training room with you LIVE!

You will…

✅ Learn how to leverage the power of your unconscious mind so you can stop sabotaging your success in all areas of your life.
✅ Be able to align your unconscious mind with your conscious desires, to create massive momentum and hit your goals.
✅ Learn the conscious use of language to ethically lead people to take inspired action now! (this can be used in the context of sales, business and life)
✅ Learn how to speak the life you want into existence.
✅ How to be free of the negative emotions of your past.
✅ Learn a powerful tool to quickly release any limiting beliefs that have held you back from achieving what you want.

Please note: NLP Unleashed is not for everybody!

It’s for those looking to create massive change in their lives and who are ready to play a “next-level” game even if you’re not sure what that game is yet…

Only 6 spots remain until we are completely sold out of this Transformative experience that begins on March 19th!

Book your call with myself or my partner Scott here now

To Your Unstoppable Success,




P.S. Let’s get you clear on what you want and how NLP Unleashed will give it to you.

This may just be your next life-defining moment, Rockstar…

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