Hey Rockstar!

It’s been a heavy week, hasn’t it
I know we have all been feeling it. 

So here’s the thing….

If your sales site is shut or not,
Now is your time to get ready…🔥

While 99% of the population is over-consuming fear mongering news publications 😰 and binge watching shows from their favorite streaming platform 😳,

The 1% are preparing for MASSIVE opportunity. 💯

They’re focused on improving their craft and getting their presentations dialed in so they can put up the numbers once the doors open and they’re ready to go again.

While most people’s sales and businesses crumble during trying times like these, there is a sub-set of the population, a very small percentage, who put a plan together and actually thrive 🔥.

What makes this small subset of individuals unique⁉️

They focus on developing the specific mindset and skill set required to WIN while everyone else is struggling to barely make ends meet.

They can see, understand and grasp the opportunity that exists while others wait for the world to change around them…

Rockstar, you have a massive opportunity here despite what most think…

It’s only doom and gloom if you believe that it is and I want to show you a different way to BE so you can begin to shift your current reality IMMEDIATELY!

It’s now time to improve your MIND and SALES Skills in this current time of uncertainty. 

As a Trainer to Timeshare’s Top 1%, I will be using High-Performance Coaching, neuro-science strategies, and tools to help reprogram your brain to create 1%’er (NEXT LEVEL) success. 

You will get daily coaching, training, and support from myself and industry peers specifically designed to compact time and create massive results in just 10 days!

Rockstar, in light of what’s happening in our world and even the state of our industry, we want to give back and help…

My team and I have decided for the first time ever, that we want to practically give away the Top Bonus Challenge so we can help every single sales rep, manager or closer who needs it now more than ever. 

Tours or not, it’s time to prepare…💯

Use the coupon ❤️ “SPREADLOVE” ❤️ at Checkout to enroll in the TBC for just $1 today!

I just did a video on the State of the Timeshare Industry, addressing your valid fears and concerns.

Watch it below 

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