Hey Rockstar,

Sometimes “hope” is all you need…

I want to share a powerful story of transformation with you from a now 1%’er Mastermind Coaching Client of mine and past colleague/friend in the industry.

Her name is Danielle Giancola and she is a total ROCKSTAR!

I remember being at Wyndham’s President’s Council with Danielle in Las Vegas several years back.

We had all rented out a cabana at Drea’s (if I’m not mistaken) and about 12 of us #1 reps from around the country named ourselves the #wolfpack.

Only hash tags weren’t really a thing back then lol…

Danielle was a total Rockstar and I knew it from the moment I had met her. She radiated success and was determined to create it even from a place that wasn’t historically known to breed “beasts”, Atlantic City. (so I’m told…)

Danielle went on to create 5 back to back power house years hitting one of the highest honors at Wyndham, LEGEND Status last year in 2018 selling over $3.5MIL in volume⁉️

Becoming a “LEGEND” is something that probably .0001% of sales reps ever achieve and she had the commitment, persistence and vision to make it happen.

The problem was, when Danielle entered our Top Bonus Challenge at the end of June 2019, she was extremely frustrated and literally having the worst year of her entire timeshare sales career and felt like she kept beating her head against a wall.

She had been pushing for 9 months to break through this slump and to repeat the year she just had or close to it and just couldn’t.

Something told her to join the 10 Days to Top Bonus Challenge hoping it would help her.

After all, President’s Club was on the line and up until then it wasn’t an option to not hit it, but the writing was on the wall…

If she continued doing what she was doing, she was nowhere near going to qualify and was going to end the year feeling like a complete failure.

So she joined the Top Bonus Challenge not really knowing what she was getting into or going to get from it but held onto one thing that mattered the most,

🙏HOPE ❤️

And then…

There was a moment early on in the challenge that she had a massive EPIPHANY that she shares in the video below that literally changed everything for her and allowed her to begin selling deals like crazy!

Listen in and watch as Danielle shares her incredible story of how she overcame her self LIMITING BELIEFS, after hitting 💥LEGEND STATUS💥and while facing some of the worst months of her career.

and how she went onto sell over $300K that month alone and over $700K in just 5 weeks earning ~ $85K in income from the moment she decided to join the top bonus challenge⁉️

Rockstar, what she did, you can do too! 💪💪

This is a powerful story of hope and radical transformation and a simple Decision that changed the trajectory of her year…

Check it out!



P.S. The 10 Days to Top Bonus Challenge teaches you how to identify your self-limiting beliefs you’re most likely unaware, but also allows you to get rid of them.

You’ll learn how to identify and stop your destructive habits that’ve been holding you back and how to stay out of your “old patterns”.

I teach you my #1 ninja goal achievement strategy that I teach members of my 1% mastermind to consistently hit your goals month after month so you can sell millions each year.

You’ll also get the exact mindset, subconscious re-programming tools and sales strategy to hit Top Level Bonus this month so you can sell the deals you deserve. 

If you’re serious about your career and about changing your life, watch this powerful story of Danielle now or simply decide to…

To Your UNSTOPPABLE Success.

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