What’s going on Rockstars?!

For many of you…

THIS is a crucial month for you to show up and CRUSH it, right?!

?It’s the final push for Wyndham’s President’s Club and Diamond’s Chairman’s Club qualifications are right around the corner too!

Or maybe, you just want to enter into the last quarter of the year super strong and on fire?!

I get it!

Whatever it is, be sure that you are SOOOOooooo…. connected with your WHY?!

✅What is going to happen when you do hit IT, when you do WIN?

✅…and WHY is it a must that that happens?

I recorded this week’s episode for you 1%’ers in particular because you’ve been on my mind. I remember that feeling of the final push all to well and to be real, it happened monthly for me as I’m sure it does for many of you.

Be sure to listen to this week’s episode below and pass it on.

It was inspired by two of my mentors, Chris Faddick aka Faddy and by Serial Entrepreneur and creator of The Billionaire Code, Alex Charfen.

I was definitely feeling on ?? yesterday when I recorded this for you ?…


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The 1%Life below!

P.S. Nobody really knows yet but I’m about to open up a few spots in my group coaching program, The 1%.

You may of heard about it. My students are KILLING it?! If you’re serious about taking your timeshare sales game to the next level, then send me a message below and I’ll give you priority access once it opens up over the next few days to schedule a call with me to see if you’re the right fit.

One of my coaching clients just wrote a $57K deal yesterday after being out of work for a week at one of my co’s partner NLP trainings, and she even began the first 5 days of the month with ~$100K.

With 12 days left, I know she will write $300K or more! She’s sold over $200K every month for the past 4 months after being in The 1%.

You’ll meet her soon! ?

Another one is qualified for President’s Club and making that final push this month to solidify his position–I’ll be sending these testimonials out soon.

⬇️ Email me below if you want to be the first to know once these handful of spots open up!  ⬇️

P.S. I have financing options to make it easier… ?

To Your UNSTOPPABLE Success!


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