What’s going on Rockstar?!

It is June 1st, can you believe it–the year is nearly half over ??!

I hope you all had an incredible end to your months and are ready to begin anew and create the best month of your timeshare sales career!

Just a quick update, Scott Young Jackson and I have been GRINDING super long days to create an absolutely EPIC experience for those of you we will be seeing at the High Performance Breakthrough Experience in less than 3 days in Las Vegas, Nevada?!


And we cannot WAIT for you to experience all that we have put together for you. Including leaving with the blueprint for creating your MILLION $$$ Story!

The 3 days you spend with us are going to be SO powerful and truly life-changing because we’re going to teach you how to Influence people at a super high level, how to show up consistently month after month and HIT your goals, how to turbo charge your goals and

…make them happen, how to use LANGUAGE powerfully to motivate your tours to say “YES” today!

Message me now to find out how to get up to 70% off


How to Overcome Objections, create MASSIVE value, and ridiculous DESIRE and INTRIGUE during your presentations.

Our manuals are literally going to print right now and they are so filled with magic to help you transform your life!

If you’d like to attend last minute, we may have an option for you…message me directly, and either myself or my assistant will get back to you.

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Enjoy this week’s episode of The 1% Life!

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