What’s going on Rockstar?!

Man, it’s crazy to me how fast this this year is flying! We’re already in 2nd quarter and just like we reflect at the beginning of a new month, it’s just as important to reflect on the past quarter before entering into a new one.

How has your year has been going for you?

Have your sales lived up to your expectations OR are you simply “getting by” and barely making ends meet?

Whatever the case, you need to know there’s ALWAYS another level to success waiting for you to tap into

You just need to decide you’re going to go and get it #nomatterwhat and find the resources, tools and mentors to support you. Success does not happen alone. It just doesn’t. No one gets to the top without the right support system guiding them there.

I would’ve never had the success I had in this industry if it wasn’t for two of my mentors both of whom are now VP’s at Wyndham. The problem is, not everyone has great role models to emulate and learn from…

Do you?

Bottom line is, use the beginning of a new quarter a reason to analyze, tweak and pivot if need be and to really evaluate what needs to be done differently.

If you aren’t sure what’s missing or what you need to change to get to be successful, I encourage you to message me and let’s figure out what it will take for you to finally start making the real money you deserve. This job didn’t fall into your lap for no reason–it’s time to cease the opportunity handed to you and do something with it!

Don’t be one of the 95% who don’t make it! I’m being 100% serious…

It will be a wasted opportunity to change your life drastically. **This industry was life-changing for me and I want it to be for you too.

With that being said, let’s get into this week’s teaching…

This week’s Mindset Monday episode is about this ridiculous idea that manager’s and directors tell their reps, “Just go make a friend.”

This is the lamest “remedy” for getting a deal ever because it creates weakness in the sales rep and allows your guests to play small and not go deep.

When you tune into today’s episode until the end, you’ll have an entirely new perspective on why trying to make friends is killing you getting deals and you’ll have a completely new psychology going forward.


To Your UNSTOPPABLE Success!

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