What’s going on Rockstar?!

I hope you’re on fire right now and about to finish March month strong! On this week’s episode of Mindset Monday, I talk about a crucial shift in identity you need to create to help your potential clients make in order for them to buy from you.

Without this shift, they will not be able to understand what being a timeshare owner feels like and because of that, they won’t become an owner.

Unfortunately, many sales reps fail to help their guests experience this identity shift during the sales process and and they end up losing deals like crazy.

When you tune into today’s episode until the end, you’ll not only understand this concept better than 99% of the sales reps out there, but you’ll also learn 3 questions you can begin to use NOW to help your guests shift.


To Your UNSTOPPABLE Success!

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P.P.S. The random video (10 second clips from my Instagram story I downloaded) I promised you of my day in Orlando including the millionaire kid I stumbled into at the end?!


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