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Grant Cardone at 10X Growth Con Las Vegas

Grant Cardone at 10X Growth Con 2


For those who haven’t been following my Instagram stories, (@joaniedhillon), I spent last week at the 10X Growth Con soaking in the genius of people like Elena and Grant Cardone, Ed Mylett, Andy Frisella, Lewis Howes, Michael Jordan’s personal Trainer, Tim Grover and so many more…



“The 1% Life” Sales Podcast–Helping You Defy the Odds and BE The 1%

Here is last week’s episode that is IMO pure GOLD behind the scenes value bombs dropped by the one and only Grant Cardone at the 10X Growth Con 2 event last week in Las Vegas, Nevada on the VIP bonus day that was for a select group of people…

Make sure you soak in every word of Uncle G’s wisdom and please share…


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