Hey Rockstar!

We are 6 weeks into 2018 and just 2 weeks until the end of February, can you believe it?

When you wrote your goals that you want to achieve in 2018, I’m sure you didn’t plan to NOT achieve them, right? I mean, what would be the point of making them a goal, to set yourself up for failure? Of course not!

The problem is that while I’m sure you have every intention to achieve your goals, speed bumps, pot holes and detours in the road often can often throw you off.

Rather than looking at these “obstacles” as simply part of the journey, if you’re like the majority of sales reps out there, you may look at them as “road blocks” and impossibilities and therefore begin to change your beliefs and behaviors and sabotage your results.

I say this not to encourage you to self-sabotage (HELL NO) but rather to help you become aware of if/when it starts happening to you so you can immediately take actions to change it.

These self-sabotaging behaviors happen at a sub-conscious level and when left uncorrected, can prevent you from ever achieving your goals and dreams.

THAT would be a tragedy as you have been given an incredible gift, the timeshare sales industry, no joke…that is here for you to change your life IF you let it…

This week’s episode of Mindset Monday talks about how you may be unknowingly participating in self-sabotaging behaviors and how to not only recognize when it starts creeping up on you but also HOW to specifically avoid it all-together and/or shift out of it immediately so you can get back into flow and sell more timeshare and make more money in 2018.

>> CLICK to listen in now and begin your personal transformation so you can have your best year ever…


I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of Mindset Monday and are now well aware of when these self-sabotaging thoughts, beliefs and behaviors creep in as well as 3 powerful tips to shift stop them.

Before you leave, I want you to spend a moment and reflect on these questions below to see if you’re on track to have your best year ever…

1.) How have your sales been so far in 2018? Did you hit your goal last month? YES / NO

2.) Where are you in terms of sales volume $ right now in the month? $____________

3.) Are you on track to hit your sales/income goal this month or is it further away and going to take an act of God to get you there :-)?

4.) How are you measuring up to the 3 BIG goals you set for yourself in 2018? Are you on track or need to play catch up?

Depending on how you answered these questions, if you feel you are in need of some coaching/mentoring or tools to get you to your goals, and you’re serious and committed to making it happen this year, as opposed to hopeful, then email me below and I’ll personally email you back with more information/.

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