Hey Rockstar!

This week’s episode is about the 3 C’s of Successful Selling, IMO…

✔️ Confidence

✔️ Conviction

✔️ Charisma

We’re going to dive into how your lack of confidence in any given area of your sales presentation, skill-set or even mindset is costing you to leave a lot of money on the table.

We’ll explore where conviction is lost in the timeshare pitch/sales presentation and what specifically you can do to gain it back so you can sell more deals, change more lives and live the 1% life!

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode! Grab a pen and notepad–it’s time to LIVE the 1% life. 


I hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of Mindset Monday on “The 1% Life…” 

Be sure to share this episode with your co-workers, management team and friends so you can spread the love and help others achieve success too :-).

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments on the topic discussed… So simply drop me a comment below and I will respond!

Also, any topics you’d love for me to talk about in future episodes are welcomed.

⁉️ Before I close out…It’s the first week of February–where are you?! 

⁉️ Are you on pace for a great selling month or is it time you begin to ? IGNITE ??!

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We’ll talk about where you’re at, what specifically you’re struggling with and come up with a game plan so you can sell more deals, change more lives and make crazy timeshare money in 2018.

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