Timeshare Sales Strategies & Tips–Decision Making

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We’re officially onto the 2nd half of January now and 1/12 of the year is soon to be over?!


Are you in fact blasting into 2018 or are you barely chugging along? It’s important to be aware of when what you’re doing isn’t working so you can make a change. Simply doing the same thing over and over is not going to change your results.

There’s a reason why only 1% of the people in the timeshare sales industry make real money.


Because the 99% either don’t make it or aren’t consistent with their sales month after month and they hope and they pray for things to change.

Sadly, that’s not a strategy for success and this is why the cycle continues for so many…

Today’s Mindset Monday episode is all about that moment of DECISION…that moment when it’s all on the line, you either act or you hold back. You say what you want to say, ask what you feel you need to ask OR the moment passes you by.

We dive into what is happening in those moments of decision or for many sales reps, that moment of indecision, and how to bust through it!

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