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As you get to know me, you’ll realize what I always preach, 90% of being the top 1% in timeshare sales is MINDSET.

And that’s exactly why most fail at this game. Because it’s much easier said than done. If you’ve tried to “control” your mind at all, I’m sure you know what I mean lol, sometimes it feels near impossible, doesn’t it? It comes down to a few things, one of which is described in a great quote by the infamous, Carl Jung,

“What you resist, persists.” ~ Carl Jung

Hence the seemingly never-ending, rabbit holes people find themselves getting into in this industry.

Mindset Monday Audio 003 – “If You Want to Make More, BE More.”

I recorded you a powerful audio yesterday… In preparation for my upcoming mindset + sales podcast the first of the year, I have committed to creating a weekly mindset series to help you shift into a more powerful, successful YOU.

I dive deeper into this concept of IDENTITY and how it impacts how much money you make and fully describe why you’re not making what you’re worth.

You’ll want to check it out and if you didn’t catch last week’s episode 002 called “Change Your Identity, Change Your Results” be sure to catch that after.

Also, feel free to share these mind gems with your co-workers, managers and TO’s or whoever you think could benefit from these audios.

NOTE: if you’re on your phone, you can just listen in browser instead of going to soundcloud. You have two options, so it should be super easy. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear your shifts…

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