Travel Statistics -Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies done in December 2013

Hey there Rock Stars!
It’s Transformation Tuesday today and what better way to TRANSFORM than by beginning with your sales pitch?!
Did you know that a great way to influence purchasing behavior of your guests is to use actual data, statistics, to get your people to realize that their current behavior is greatly impacting their future hopes, dreams and desires?
⁉️ You see, while Americans dream BIG about travel in retirement, often putting off travel until “someday when we are retired or when the kids are out of the house,” many are unprepared financially to ensure their dreams come true.⁉️
? In fact, a recent study shows that only four-in-ten (41%) Americans are confident that their current financial strategy will allow them to travel as desired in retirement!

I’m sure you can see there is a problem here and that YOU have the solution…

? It’s not until we are AWAKENED that we transform, so perhaps they have no clue that the path they are on is one that is actually setting themselves up to fail?
? Without a proven plan that WORKS and one that FORCES them to contribute, just like their 401 K did for all these years, they will wake up one day trying to figure out where the money to travel will come from and for the bulk majority, it simply won’t!
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To Your UNSTOPPABLE Success!



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