Hey Rock Stars!

If you follow me at all, or perhaps were in the free Masterclass I hosted the other night about “The 5 Shifts to Become a Peak-Performer & Rock Star Closer,” you know that I speak about having power rituals for success.

I wanted to share one of my personal power rituals with you. Every morning, the moment I sit at my desk to work (or wherever in the world I am), I read a few powerful affirmations to myself out loud.

One of these affirmations is, “I am focused and driven to hit my goals and to serve others daily. I am easily motivated and take clear, focused, MASSIVE action daily to achieve my goals and dreams.”

Daily success rituals are  a MUST for peak-performers to be able to become the top 1% and to STAY there.

I’d love to hear some of your personal power rituals and/or affirmations for success.

Drop it in a comment below!

To Your UNSTOPPABLE Success,

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