Hello Rock Stars!

Question: Have you ever had a super slow start to your month and were ready for it to just get started already?! You might even be there right now and can relate?

Maybe you haven’t sold a bunch of deals or the tours are “light” right now and you’re starting to wonder how you’re going to pull off a good month?

No matter where you are for the month, or where we are in the month, I’m sure another $100-$150K wouldn’t hurt would it?

I’m going to share with you 1 simple thing that if you start implementing immediately and consistently, has the ability to drastically increase your closing percentage, VPG/APG, APT most importantly, your paycheck!

As you watch this video…pay close attention to the 4 tips I share with you that you may be guilty of that can drastically shift your results and allow you to be the #1 sales rep in your site and the top 1% in the entire timeshare sales industry!

I hope you enjoy!

I hope you heard some great reasons as to why it would benefit you to start pitching big so you can push through that fear and those old limiting beliefs that were stopping you from showing massive value, and get big deals on a consistent basis. Not only will you have happier owners, but you will also have a healthier paycheck :-).

Please comment below, your biggest take-away so I can continue providing you with content that helps you shift into that rock star sales rep you are meant to be.

Also, if you are interested in learning how to tell rock-star stories that sell for you, type your name and email below and say “I’m in” so I can be sure to communicate with you what’s coming up…much of it will be free for those who get in early and you don’t want to miss it!

**Also tell me the #1 reason why you struggle with telling 3rd Party Stories and what you would love to learn!

To Your Unstoppable Success!
Go change some lives today…



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