Hello Timeshare Selling Rock Stars!

Master sales reps and closers in the timeshare sales industry or any industry for that matter know and understand the power of silence. When it gets awkward, they let it. When it gets uncomfortable, they let them stir.

You see, as long as you are in rapport, there is so much power in allowing your tour/prospective client to stir in silence.

Creating discomfort is what allows for opportunity. When everything is perfect, there is no pain and no reason to change. And you will not be able to get them to acknowledge or even see/feel their pain without creating an opportunity for them to access it.

Sales Questions You Can Ask Your Tour to Encourage Silence…

Ask questions like, “How long have you had that problem?” Even if they didn’t say it was a problem…


Your tour: “He works all the time so we don’t travel that much.”
You: “Really, tell me more about that…”
“How long have you had that problem?”
“Do you feel that perhaps the fact that John works so much and the two of you aren’t able to get away, is putting a strain on your relationship?” (Only if you’re in rapport)

If she answers yes… You ask “How specifically?”

If she says, “no” you’re either not in rapport and she’s lying or doesn’t want to make him uncomfortable. If you ARE in rapport with her, she will tell you even if it’s uncomfortable.

Ask, “Why not?” (PAUSE and let her answer…)

“Do you believe that having more quality time together away from the drama of work and home, will allow the two of you to strengthen your relationship (or marriage)?”

“How so?”

NOTE: The EXACT same approach can work for a comment such as, “We don’t have time to travel. We are too busy.”

“Really, tell me more about that…”

“How long have you had that problem?” etc.

**You see, what this is doing is allowing for moments of getting them present and allowing for introspection. They are being forced to go deep and discover what is really going on. Do they like what that looks and feels like or does it not bother them at all? If they don’t, you sit and wait. They may squirm lol. If you absolutely need to, ask the question again. But assume that they heard you…Because the truth is, they most likely did and are hoping you won’t make them answer! 😛

You called it a “problem” after all. Is it a problem for them or not?

Determining that takes them pausing and having to go inside for the answer.


Do not interrupt if it feels awkward. Welcome the awkwardness because they have to acknowledge something isn’t right to create change that will be what leads to a sale.

There are other follow up questions you can ask as well and an actual process to dig deep…we go through this in both my in-house and front-line sales courses…

“5 Steps to Becoming a Peak-Performer & Rock Star Closer” in
Week 2: “Creating the Roadmap to the Sale…”

This is just one example of how you can ask really pointed questions once you are in rapport to create impactful moments of silence that allow for introspection and really examining the existence of a problem. I hope you found great value in that. If so and you want more posts like this, please like, comment below and share here and in the group!

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