Hi Timeshare Rock Stars!

I know it’s been a few weeks since my last post and I apologize for that but I have a video I realized never got shared with you and there is a super important message behind it that you don’t want to miss!

Harbor Heroes_1

Me with my old crew and “Faddy” haha-reunited!

Some of you know I was in San Diego last week attending a 3-day business event for my mentor. I also got to see some former co-workers/close friends, bosses and mentors from the timeshare world and doing some speaking engagements while I was in town…

It was such an incredible 8 days!!!

So, going back to the purpose of this post…

I have to tell you, I was so blown away by how my mentor, Lisa, presented her offer to the 600 people in attendance

after 1.5 days of giving pure value where she then asked for HUGE amounts of money to join her inner mastermind group for entrepreneurs.

There were so many similarities in what we do and how she was presenting that amazing offer. I couldn’t help but think about you guys and what I could share with you to help you on your tables to understand why you keep hearing “not today,”

and what you can do differently to get them to say YES we absolutely want this in our lives…TODAY!

Harbor Heroes_2

Autumn, aka “The Mamba,” who hired me back in 2009, Angelina and Tamra–awesome night!

In the video below, I share with you what an Irresistible Offer is, and how to go about crafting one so that each and every time you present an offer to your clients to buy TODAY, you don’t come across as pushy or salesy.


So check it out…I hope you get some amazing value that you can start implementing on your tables today!

I hope you loved the video and had some thought-provoking moments that will lead you to how you can go about crafting your irresistible offer to each and every client.

Remember: Every client has different needs so this offer can not be the same every time (obviously right), but the process by which you present that offer and certain elements absolutely can be the same if need be.

When you start thinking about how you present your offer and whether or not it is truly IRRESISTIBLE, you will begin to get really good at fine-tuning that offer to make it just right for that particular client.

Fall in love with this process…it gets so fun when you can truly tap into defining their individual needs and how your product can best serve them…Then, it all comes down to the presentation and how you present them that truly IRRESISTIBLE offer they can’t help but say YES to…TODAY!

To Your Unstoppable Success!

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