Hey Timeshare-Selling Rock Stars!

Hope you are all nearing “Pile it On” time where you have hit your sales goals for the month and are about to start piling it on to blow past your goals!

I had a beautiful day today, it was 86 degrees out here in Seattle and I took a much needed 3.5 hour bike ride to clear my mind, listen to some super-motivating audio and simply focused on elevating my state of mind like I do daily.

So here’s the deal…Chances are you fall into 1 of 2 categories of sales reps and the reality is you should fall into NEITHER.

My intention is for you to move into the 3rd category which only 1% of sales reps ever make it into…I want you to watch this video and determine which type of rep are you and who you truly want to be?

I discuss the 2 types of sales reps that make up the majority of reps out there (yep let’s just call it 99% of sales reps out there), those who don’t know enough information about their product because they are new to the job or industry and are trying to take all the product knowledge they can in, and those who know way too much information on the product they sell.

The problem with both of those is they are both extremes, if you don’t have enough product knowledge, you will never be able to answer questions and become that sales consultant who provides a value proposition that appeals to your specific customer. You will be trying to squeeze them into a one size fits all package. On the contrary, if you have too much product knowledge because you’ve either been around a long time or have made it your mission to learn everything you can, you are doing yourself and your customer a huge disadvantage.

Check out the video, like comment and share if you like what you heard and if you gained any value…

So comment on your thoughts on how much is too much and knowing when/how to use the information you have?!

To Your Unstoppable Success!

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