Hello Timeshare Rock Stars,

Did you know that having a proper pre-game strategy is directly related to your pay check?

How many of you are so caught up in the actual “sales process,” i.e. doing a proper Discovery, finding hot-buttons and dominant buying motives (DBM), doing your trial-closes, and lining your table just right to get the deal but are forgetting how important your PRE-GAME process is?

If this is your year to step up your sales game, I highly encourage you to start re-framing your mind to think about what happens BEFORE you come in contact with your tour rather than focusing so much energy on what happens after.

I’m not speaking of getting clear on the product you sell but on getting clarity on your vision, your goals, and having a better mindset. If you dismiss this as “no shit, that’s pretty obvious,” then I guarantee you will stay where you are at and not reach the next level of success.

Stay away from the negative, complaining energy suckers who just want to bring you down to their level and make excuses for why their game ain’t right (excuse my grammar lol).

If you want your sales to drastically increase, and you want to start making more money NOW, then spend more time on your pre-game and I guarantee you your sales will increases! Trust me ;-P

I hope you enjoy the video I shot for you today and start implementing some of the tips I suggest to increase your sales in 2016!

I would love to hear what else you are doing prior to connecting with a client to get your head right and work on your pre-game or any other thoughts you may have.

To Your Success!

signaturejoanieP.S. Have you gotten a FREE copy of my new book yet? If not, you are missing out on some incredible tips and secrets to step up your sales game in 2016. I haven’t decided to sell it quite yet, so you may want to grab a copy while you can.



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