Hello Timeshare Rock Stars,

Congrats on a brand new month! However your last month turned out, good or bad, we all start back at $0! This can be looked at as a curse or a blessing depending on your perspective but I encourage you to really welcome the 1st of every month, no matter how you did! It is simply another opportunity to show your excellence.

I put together this quick video the other day and my apologies for just getting it up today, but I want you to go into April STRONG and with a real PLAN OF ACTION.

It is so important to have clarity of vision so you know exactly what you are going to achieve because whenever there is even the slightest bit of uncertainty and lack of clarity, you will not hit your goals.

So check it out and drop me a note as to your thoughts!

BTW, make sure you read all the way to the bottom of this post when you’re done… 🙂

I hope that helps now go out and put pen to paper to really proclaim to the Universe what you are in the process of manifesting and so that you actually OWN those goals!

To Your Success!


P.S.If you didn’t have a good month in March and have been feeling frustrated with your sales, perhaps it’s time we talk?
I am taking on a few more students this upcoming week of April who are SERIOUS about making drastic change and becoming a Peak-Performer.

You do however, need to qualify in order to have a conversation with me.

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–> You have a hard time over-coming objections and really creating value.

–> You are sick of not making money or the money that you know you are capable of making and are ready to start now.

–> You struggle with how to create value and real urgency of today.

–> You often feel lost during your presentation and aren’t sure what exact questions you should be asking to further the deal.

–> You want to stop handing your tour away to a TO/closer in the hopes of getting the deal only to see them fail you.

–> You are ready to become a top-rep and a rock star closer.

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