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I wanted to share video #3 in this 5 part series titled, “5 Things You May Be Doing To Piss Off Your TO & Lose The Deal.” Today’s video talks about how most reps are not creating enough VALUE before they turn their table and how you must be creating value to get the deal TODAY.

There are two reasons why reps are not creating enough value in their presentation before turning their table and those are:

  1. Many reps don’t know HOW to create massive value to get their tour to want it, TODAY.
  2. They are simply hoping their TO/Sales Manager will do it for them.

So one way we create value on the front-line side for non-owners is by determining what exactly they are doing for travel presently.

More specifically, how are they spending their travel dollars?

Do they have a plan or is it just whenever there’s some extra cash saved up? Maybe they are waiting to get their tax return (sad but true story for many). Perhaps they are only staying in budget hotels, or not traveling at all because it’s too expensive to travel with a family of 5 (usually means two hotel rooms and costly in terms of food etc).

When you can paint the picture of what their life could look like if they actually had a dependable plan that solved all their other issues of time and money and gave them the flexibility they are seeking, that is showing VALUE. 

With an existing owner, you want to do something very similar. You want to discover what they are doing outside of their ownership for travel and paint the picture of what that is costing them versus what many folks have chosen to do to which is invest their money back into their ownership so they can continue to stay in nicer places with better accommodations (condo style with kitchens, separate bedrooms, more space, etc.) with all of their travel, not just the 1-2 weeks they may already own.

Please note: I don’t care how many points or weeks they own, you do NOT want to skip this step. Owners with massive ownerships, still travel outside of their ownership. Make sense?

A second way to show value is by hitting on their HOT BUTTONS. After discovering what their hot buttons are, you want to weave these hot buttons into the presentation and design the presentation based on what is important to them.

**You only want to talk about what is important to them even if it means skipping what you personally think is super important and can’t be left out.

So just to reiterate, two of the ways we discussed today to show value are:

1.) Find out how they are traveling outside of what they already own whether it’s with your company or another.

If they don’t presently own with you, what does their current vacation lifestyle look like and where are they spending their money?

Also, look for where there are any deficiencies with their current plan or with other ownerships if they own elsewhere…

Then, SHOW them by combining emotion with logic the better alternative which is ownership with you. 

2.) Leverage their hot buttons to design a program around their needs.

So check out the video guys, I hope you find value in it…

I hope you enjoyed the video guys and have just what you need to move forward and adjust your presentation to be full of massive value so you can get the deal TODAY.

I know there are a million moving pieces guys when it comes to mastering the art of timeshare sales however, each little piece helps and when you can understand how it all fits together, the result is a beautiful Broadway production :-).

Always remember,

“Your presentation needs to feel like a masterful, Broadway production.” JD


To Your Success!


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