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One of the most frustrating and challenging aspects of being a timeshare rep, be it in-house or front line sales, is what I call “keeping your head right”. What this refers  to is not allowing rejection to get to you so you can stay in a positive place, maintaining clarity and focus on the right things, to sell deals and best serve your customer.

I learned early on in my career to be absolutely 100% committed to my tours (prospective clients), but unattached to the outcome.

It was my job to determine whether their current situation was working or not, find or create problems they may not even recognize and provide a recommendation or a solution.

When you are attached to the outcome, you are placing energy in the wrong area. Rather than focusing on the client’s needs and purposing a plan of action i.e. your recommendation as their consultant, you are placing a high degree of pressure on yourself that is converting into resistance within your client. When you can simply reframe your mindset to be “committed” but not “attached,” you are releasing the pressure on both parties and it becomes clear you are more interested in serving their needs rather than simply getting the deal.

When you are unattached to the outcome, but committed to serving your client in the best possible way, you can more times than not walk away knowing you did your job to the best of your capability. This allows you to hold strong and not give a “be back” as an option (a completely different post and video lol) and ultimately “keep your head right” because you did the right thing in the end.

The goal during the sales process is to invite pursuit not push them into the sale. You see, the difference between good sales reps and mediocre ones is that good sales reps invite pursuit. They strategically frame the situation, the state of the current ownership or lack of ownership, as less than ideal without causing the client to get overly defensive or offended. They artistically paint a beautiful picture using the client’s dominant buying motive and information gleaned in the discovery, that leaves the individual or couple in a place of desire. This in turn causes a shift in the previous state of being from being defensive to one of desire and pursuit. I really want you to get this…

When your tour goes from being completely defensive, disinterested or maybe both to asking what we call “buying questions” that tells you that you have properly invited pursuit and are on the right track to getting the deal! The key is to not sabotage where you have made it to in the process lol.

One of the things I teach my coaching students to do is how to formulaically create this state of mind in their tours so they are often begging to be able to purchase that day!

Can you imagine, being able to illicit a response like that in your tours that feels like you aren’t pushing them at all, and they are literally begging to sign paperwork? I will tell you, when you can master the art of pursuit by staying committed but not attached, you are well on your way to mastering timeshare sales and becoming a top sales rep!

To Your Success!


P.S. I am amending the blog post with a video I shot to make this even more crystal clear for you!

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